Sunday, October 5, 2008


So, the more I watch this video we made to help illuminate the metaphor for our next series, the more I really enjoy the play between God's word as a lamp and us being the light of the world. In 2 Tim 3:16 God's word is referred to as his breath. I think Paul chose that metaphor intentionally. I think he was pointing to something deep. We were formed from the ground and then animated (some say given a soul) by God breathing in us. Wow.

I think we share something deep with scripture. Something more than when we read other things. There is something inherent in who we are that finds an echo from the same source in scripture. When we take in God's breath through scripture, we are taking in that same substance which animates us and allows us to be the image bearers of God.

I think this post calls for a "duuuuuude."

I have a feeling it will not seem as deep in the morning.