Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Face for an Old Blog

I have been blogging on some version of unpretending for several years.  As my horizons have expanded, I have begun to contribute in many places.  I have decided to move JeremyWords.com to be a blog that contains most of all the content I create.  Unpretending (currently unpretending.blogspot.com  soon to have a proper url) is going to have a very specific focus.

Over the last couple of months I have had several conversations with people (especially college students) who want some sort of place to receive deep conversation and teaching about scripture and the Christian faith.  Since we do not do a whole lot at our church for college ministry, I am hoping that this can be a place for our college students as well as other interested students and adults can recieve that sort of information on a semi-regular basis.  My commitment for this blog from hence forth will be to the following:
  1. Honest, academic information - Meaning you will not find a lot about the latest Christian inspirational book.  I will do the research required to provide depth rather than re-re-digested content.
  2. Short - I will not write dissertations here.  I am going to get to the point and leave out as much as possible so that it is easily digestable... think two-three double spaced pages.
  3. Questions - I am not here to provide answers.  I am much more interested in questions and difficult ideas that make us wrestle with God.
  4. Little Application - I will have some sort of bringing it back into the real world time, but will focus most of my energy on the content itself.
We start with background information for a study our church is doing where people are trying to read through the Bible in 9 weeks.  

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